Unleash the power of your mind with technology

Stepping out of your comfort zone is only as scary as you make it. I can help you make simple, profound changes that will help you earn extra dollars, feel more confident, and experience continuous growth and personal development.

dre-mpt-home-pageI’m Dré Lavack and since 1983 (I was 16 years-old then…), I’ve been exploring the inner workings of the mind. What started out with reading books like Think And Grow Rich, Awaken The Giant Within, and The 7 Habits of Highly Successful People, has culminated into years of psychology research.

But that’s not all. I’m also a professional computer tech (who remembers the days of the very first IBM-PC in 1984). Computer technology is interesting, complex, always changing, and fun to play with.

In fact, computer technology and psychology are not so different. You can use the power of technology to unleash the power of your mind.

There is HUGE power available to you when you learn what I’ve discovered! There is unlimited power available you can use to create and manifest your dreams when you understand the power of technology and how it relates to the power that is you.

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Dré Lavack
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