Building on yesterday, today you’re going to begin the installation of the Anti-Virus for your Biocomputer.  This will go a long way to protecting your from the negativity of the world.  Dive in, the water’s fine!


If you like this information, there are two great books which lead you through the process of Creating A Bug Free Mind. For FREE book samples, check out Creating A Bug Free Mind for yourself. I highly recommend it!

Please feel free to post comments or questions below!

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  1. Great video! I am not seeing a link to your business FB page or other social media platforms on this page or with the daily emails. Can one please be included so I can like and share?

    1. Thank you for your comment! This program is currently not public which is why I don’t link to social media at this time. You are welcome to share it on FB or comment on YouTube at Also, my FB page for Mind Power Tips can be found here:

      I appreciate your enthusiasm to share my work! Thank you!

      1. I am enthusiastic about your work!! Are you sure this video course is not publicly available? It seems to be easily searched/accessed on YouTube even if I am logged out of my account.

  2. Hi Dre,
    Thanks for the great content and reminder of all we have to be grateful for. It helps to keep the focus on the 99 gold nuggets rather than the 99 turd nuggets. Actually it is easier to list gold nuggets. Wonderfully presented, enjoy the humour too:) I will try to keep my firewall up against those N bombs!

    1. Thank you Lucie!

      Glad you’re getting so much from the Free Your Mind program! Yes, must keep the firewall up. There are so many things to be grateful for and this needs to be the focus for a happy life! Keep up the great work!

  3. Shannon Hollingworth

    Can I print out from my printer the 99 Golden Nuggets Sheet or do I print that out myself. All of the videos have been really helping me and I am a much calmer and happier person. 🙂

    1. I’m glad you are getting so much out of this video series Shannon. Yes, all you need to do is download the 99 Golden Nuggets sheet and print it on your printer. OR you can just take a sheet of plain paper and write out your 99 Golden Nuggets. Easy!

  4. Dre, this is cleverly written and presented. I haven’t hit play on day 8 yet but am about to.

  5. Most definitely enjoying this, Dre! An Attitude of Gratitude is something I practice every single day, especially first thing in the morning and on reflection in my journal at night. I list 3 each morning. I have never tried to come up with 99, lol! I may need to read through my journal back pages eh? This is great stuff though……with a really interesting way of presenting!

    1. Woo Hoo Jeanni! I guess this post answers my reply in the last post. You are so awesome for feedback Jeanni, I appreciate you SO much! I think I’ll add you to my Golden Nuggets list! lol! But seriously, I have my list on the large page I did in the video, and after I’ve read through all 99, I feel so awesome and powerful! It’s good stuff!

  6. Hi Dre, Joi here. We met at Marlene’s 50th. I am really enjoying your workshop. Not much of the info is new to me but you have put it together in a wonderful format with fantastic analogies. I look forward to the next video each day and I am doing the exercises you offer. I am already one of the more positive people around me and your series is boosting the optimism within me and helping me share my positive energy more than ever. I don’t know how many of the people I have shared your link with will give it a try but I hope it is everyone. Your workshop is timely, informative and FUN!! I look forward to tomorrow each day. I am wondering if you can put it on a disc. I have limited internet access in the summer (away collecting real gold nuggets) and I would love to share your valuable info with friends up there. i would even pay for it!! It is that good. Thank you for the effort you have put into making lives better. It is working!!

    1. Thank you SO much for signing up and the wonderful feedback Joi! It’s great that you’ve joined me in my quest to bring more love and awakening to the world. I will be making this a paid product in the near future, but it will have to wait till the challenge is complete. I’ll keep you posted on what I can have available on disc at this point, I had no plans for that yet, and it’s a good idea. May I share some of your testimonial on my Facebook post? It’s one of MY golden nuggets! 😎 I’d really appreciate it. Meanwhile, thanks again for watching and I look forward to the time we meet again.

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