You made it!  This is day 30 of the Free Your Mind Challenge!  We are complete!  All that’s left to do is celebrate! Hold on before you go to your next thing!  You really need to take a moment for you… and watch this video.

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  1. Great content throughout Dre. You are truly an inspiration. Thanks for your dedicated effort in putting this all together. I don’t think I would look that good on 3 hours sleep, or be nearly as chipper! Bravo indeed!!

  2. I celebrate you Dré!!!!

    1. And I celebrate you Emily! I honor you for the amazing person you are!!!

  3. Way to go Mr Possibilities…I am super proud of you!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Thank you SO much, Kate! I am ready for my next chapter! How about you?!

  4. Congratulations Mr. Possibilities!!!! How inspiring to see someone reach their goal! The courage you had to just start somewhere and the roller coaster you went on regardless of the result, my hat to you Dre! It was really powerful to see you vulnerable and putting your heart all out like that on the line! I learned a lot and i am grateful to you for going out of your way to do all this work, was entertaining and lovely to see your sidekick, she did good work behind the camera:)

  5. I miss you! I feel like you have been a big part of each day for a month and I miss seeing your face. I would love to do the challenge again but sadly I will be in the bush in northern BC from next week until September. I would like to do the challenge one more time when I get home so my non-tech friend can do it with me. I have really enjoyed it and kudos to you for pulling it off so wonderfully!! Thanks. And did I mention I miss you?

    1. Awe! That’s really sweet! Thank you! Enjoy your time away and I’m thrilled that you enjoyed the challenge enough to do it again. I’ll be starting the YouTube channel this week so you will still see me again! New content coming soon. I look forward to seeing you again soon. Happy travels!

  6. Dre, love the celebration! did the secret agent
    not want to celebrate also?

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