The gang is going to come back and state their case. Everybody has an opinion and we each think we’re right?  But what is your heart saying?  Enjoy my cast of yahoos including my daughter Emily Star as we recap and wrap up week 3 with Dr. Dré and company…

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  1. You, And Emily Star too! with that voice.

    1. Yes Frank, she takes after her dad, with a sense of theatrics and a lovely singing voice. 😎

  2. And thank you for your prayers. I am healing and feeling more like myself each day. Yesterday I picked wild berries in several locations close to my winter home on the Sunshine Coast. I love to be in the bush. It is my healing place and I am grateful to the Universe for it. My strength returns.

    1. Yes, yes! Prayer is SO powerful. something we’ll be covering in week 4 of the Free Your Mind Experience. I’m happy to hear you are getting better. More love and light your way!

  3. Wow. Her debut was a whole lot different than yours. Way to encourage and guide and what a pround moment for you. I had one this week too. My older son, after missing school for the entire month of May ( commercial fishing -family business) , Alex won the award for highest academic student in grade 11. It is a small school but I am proud of the effort he put into his achievement, as you must be proud of Emily’s effort, talent and her willingness to share her gifts. Kudos to them!!

    1. Yes Joi, I am very proud of her. And a great big kudos for sure for your son. Today, school can be such a difficult thing to “get through”. especially at that age. Whether they admit it or not, or let it show, our children look to us to be the guiding light! These are the seeds we have planted and are nurturing. Sometimes, it means being the example of what to do when the chips are down, how to handle the difficulties we face in life. I’m still dealing with life issues and I strive to be a great example of how to deal with the crap and still come up smelling like roses (what do we use to nurture plants? Fertilizer right?) Thank you for sharing your son’s success!

  4. you must be so proud!

    1. I am, Lise, I truly am.

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