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  1. So happy to have you back, I already won a
    lottery using my mind computer (555$)
    and that s only the beginning!

    1. That’s fantastic! Congratulations! More to come, right?

  2. Glad to have you back, I followed your
    guideline and won a significant lottery (555$)
    I m on track for a lot more!

  3. Wonderful to see you again. I missed your smiling face and shining spirit. I look forward to next week!!
    I will likely be in the bush by next week and I hope the camp will be online by then. I am stilll recovering from my serious illness but I am stronger each day. Much thanks to you for being there (during the 30 day challenge) to help me identify the negative and focus on the positive.I’m not sure if I would still be here without the guidance you offered. My doctor says it make take a few months to recover fully but now that you are back to broadcasting I think my recovery will be more on the miraculous side of the timeline. Thanks!!!

    1. I am so grateful that what I’m doing is having such a positive impact for you! It encourages me to keep going. This is all very new and I desire to do a great job and make a difference. Comments like yours help me know I”m on the right track. Thank you Joi, and prayers abound for your recovery and healing. Many blessings, Dré

  4. Glad to have you back, sign me up!
    ( I met Dr. Dre on facebook, hope to
    see him again)

    1. Hi Lise, You’re already on the list so no need to sign up! Yes, Dr. Dré, Agent Joe, and a few other characters will be back, and there will be some new ones too. Be on the lookout and keep watching!

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