This video is longer than my other ones, it’s 20 minutes.  I have edited out the long pauses, but have left some of them in so you can see me going through my process.  Remember, there is a part of me that does NOT want to show you this.  That part is hoping you’ll be bored and not want to watch.  My intention in showing you this is so that you can have the courage to do this process for yourself.  It’s not easy, but I felt better after the session. This is me being vulnerable… please be kind.

Disclaimer: This video is provided as a self help guide. It is not a substitute for appropriate treatment from your doctor, counsellor or heath care practitioner. Viewers are cautioned to consult with their health practitioner prior to performing any of the healing practices in this program and to adapt to any special needs and requirements.

IFS-Working-With-Your-Parts – Guidesheet
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  1. Hi Dre, thank you for showing the world that it is okay to be vulnerable. One of my philosophies is that we are “Human beings going through an emotional journey” as well as “Human beings not humans doing.”

  2. Dré, what a powerful and beautiful way of loving yourself back! I am honored to know you my friend! 🙂

    1. Thank you Emily! It was a powerful process and my life is better for it. 😎

    2. I am honored to know you too Emily. You are part of my tribe that has helped me get this far! <3

  3. So brave Dre, and vulnerable. Thanks for showing us how to ‘be’ with ourselves, all of our selves. Kinder and aware.

    1. Thank you Lucie, for allowing yourself to be present to my process. And may it encourage you to be present to yours.

  4. Well done, Dre! I am inspired by your courage to be!! 🙂

    1. Thank you SO much, KM! It’s an honor to have you be part of this challenge. We can inspire each other to greatness (if we let it!) Thank you for your comment.

  5. Dre,could it be. that given the narrow path you are on, that sad Joe
    was intended?

    1. Hi Lise, I believe it’s all intentional. When we are ready, our spirit guides us to the healing experiences our body-mind requires. That being said, I see this as all positive since this healing experience is helping me to re-integrate and be whole again. Very powerful!

  6. Your Strength is incredible, thanks Dre for taking on this work, vulnerability has been a huge part of my message, you have shown your strength in creating this video and it will give so many MAN(we need this) and woman their ability to show their vulnerable side, which I believe gives us the ability to truly love in the deepest way we can! Beautiful Brother!!! Love You Dre!

    Looking Forward to tomorrows Lesson!

    1. Thank you James. I had my doubts last night as I was posting this, but you’re the second great feedback I’ve received. A picture is starting to form, the 30 day Challenge is working!!!

  7. Wow. Thank you Dre. As always, your video today was exactly what I needed. Your authentucity has encouraged me to accept my vulnerability. I have always allowed physical and mental strength to define me. I now find myself weak and easily befuddled. It is a real challenge to accept my weakness. That is who I am inviting to sit with me today. I will listen to what Frail Fanny has to say and honor her.
    Thanks Dre. This is the best video yet.

    1. I am thrilled to pieces (or parts?) that you got so much out of this video. I was not so sure when I was posting it. But your response helps me to validate my “inner guidance” to do what it is this journey (The Free Your Mind 30 Day Challenge) is requiring of me. Thank you!

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