Welcome to the day 2 of the Free Your Mind Challenge! Woo Hoo! I call today’s lesson the Neverbending Story because your story shapes you and puts you in a rigid box.  When you stick to your story, it becomes inflexible making it difficult to create change in your life.

Today you’ll hear some of my story, and what it’s taken for me to start down the Highway to Well (aka moving in the direction of my dreams!)

If you don’t have one already, you’re going to want to have a journal or notepad handy.  Today you’ll get started on what you want to accomplish for this 30 Day Challenge. Watch for it at the end of this video.


Please feel free to post comments or questions below!

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  1. Dre
    This is so great! I am learning lots in this and writing lots down so I can change. Great job and I am excited to see the out come in me.

    1. I’m glad you’re excited, that is a powerful emotion to use to move yourself forward in your life!

  2. Well Dre, I was quite emotionnal watching your story as it’s mine and likely the one of most taking the 30 day challenge. I am infinetly grateful to have registered as i know i am on a healing path and i see the light that now surrounds me. I feel like the spirit in limbo that in the light can let go the ground and free itself to it’s celestial journey. I realized how I have now surrounded myself with the crowd that gives you wings and that i am there. In spite of fear, doubt, anxiety, i know that everything will be ok. I really wanted to commit to my almost free yoga practice week, but my mind and body decided otherwise, so i am in bed nursing a wicked tonsellitis. No coffee meet up, no yoga:( i have pulled out my my pen and journal and will dream away…. I love how you share freely, and in a fun way, so inspiring and i like your shirt:). Eagerly waiting for day 3!

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