Ok, it’s software time, and how did it all start? Where did you get your belief system? So that’s what we’ll explore today.


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  1. Shannon Hollingworth

    I am feeling a new life watching these videos in my new apartment. I am so happy in my new place and more calm

  2. When the new baby is born, this is not the start of his/her belief system (BS.) You have to take into consideration that we belong to the animal kingdom and as such have the subconscious fears of the animal programmed into us as well. From the psychological and philosophical point of view, our deepest fear is that of our own death, and it is this fear that drives all of human behaviour – it is universal. Of course, our upbringing layers others fears and phobias on top but our animal fears cannot be programmed out of us. It is this basic (and deepest) fear that is responsible for all human behaviour. Read ‘The Denial of Death’ by Ernest Becker, and ‘The Worm at the Core’ by Solomon, Greenberg, and Pszczynski.

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